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Task 3.Look at some more examples of modern art. What do you think of them?

Salvador Dali. Birth of a New World. Markku Lahdesmaki. Rock paper scissors.

Task 4.Use the words in the box and your own ideas to give your opinion of the pictures above.

beautiful meaningless intelligent ridiculous crazy skillful creative ugly funny unusual horrible weird imaginative fascinating interesting boring

Task 5.Make sentences about each picture. Join your ideas with some of the connectors in the box.

also although moreover as a result because but so that
however in addition to this and so therefore too

e.g. Picture A is imaginative and fascinating, but it's very weird too.

Although picture B is crazy and ridiculous it's alsointeresting. However,I think it's meaningless.

Task 6.Join the following statements with connectors. More than one answer is possible.

1. A lot of modern art is difficult to understand ... It really makes you think ... The more you study it, the more you appreciate it.

2. This looks like the work of a child ... It is extremely simple ... The idea behind it shows a lot of intelligence.

3. It's boring to look at... It isn't art... It's meaningless.

4. This is very famous ... It is worth millions of dollars ... It must be good.

5. It is fascinating ... It must have taken a long time to make it... It's ugly.

6. The artist is very gifted ... She has been awarded many prizes ... She has become very famous.

Task 7.Choose one of the pictures from Task 3 or find another picture of modern art. Write your opinion in a short paragraph. Link your ideas with some of the connectors in Task 5.